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About me

NuCumbia is how Virgi describes her music: a fusion of sounds that connects Latin Americans from Mexico to Argentina. Before moving to the United States, Virgi forged a prominent career in the Colombian music scene, the country where she was born. She shared the stage with renowned artists from Colombia and Latin America in stadiums, theaters, and venues in this country, thus solidifying her reputation in the music industry.

Her first EP, "AEROPUERTO," is an eclectic compilation that spans genres such as  ballads, pop, and cumbia. This work is a tribute to the shared dream of exploration and  overcoming challenges experienced in an airport, metaphorically represented as a  starting point towards different destinations and realities. 

Virgi is currently finalizing her second album, finding in cumbia that special call of  vitality, energy, and connection that she loves to share with her audience. #NuCumbia  is an album that promises to be a vibrant amalgamation of rhythms with cumbia as its  main base, a genre born in Colombia and expanded throughout Latin America,  becoming an identity and flag for Latinos. This album, produced by Latin GRAMMY®  winner Larry Coll, includes collaborations with artists such as Latin Grammy®  nominees Tato Marenco and Daniela Padrón, as well as the renowned Venezuela  Strings Recording Ensemble, Valeria Cid, and Benavides. With 12 songs that fuse  cumbia with a myriad of genres, Virgi hopes to take her music to her native Colombia,  the United States and Latin America.

Thanks to her artistic work, Virgi is also part of the book "Mujeres de Caña Dulce,"  released in early 2023, which highlights the 100 most important women in music and  culture in the Valle del Cauca department in Colombia. She has also been recognized  as the 4th favorite artist in Colorado by Indie 102.3 of CPR (Colorado Public Radio) in  2024.


The largest music festivals in Colorado have featured Virgi in recent years, including  FoCoMX, the largest festival in northern Colorado, and UMS, the largest in Denver. In  2023, she participated in the Music Meets Tourism festival in Gran Canaria, Spain,  representing Colombia and earning the title of first runner-up. Decibeles, the company  that monitors radio stations in Colombia, selected the song "Pasa" as one of the top 10  songs of the Feria de Cali 2023.  

With her second album, #NuCumbia, slated for release on May 9, 2024 and concert  dates scheduled in Chicago, Boulder, Denver, Fort Collins, Miami, and Colombia, Virgi  consolidates her status as a Rising Star.  

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